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What is Google Voice and how does it work

by Fiorella
Google Voice

Google Voice gives you a single phone number that rings all your phones, saves your voicemail online and transcribes it to text. Make low-cost international phone calls, conferences and block spammers with this great all-in-one solution.

Google Voice is a communication service offered by the always innovative Google. It aims to link all your communications channels to one single number. You get a Google Voice number that can make all your linked phones ring as you want. It also gives you several ways to handle your communication options when people are trying to reach you.

Although it is not a VoIP app like WhatsApp or Skype, Google Voice makes use of some of this very same technology to route phone calls, to make cheaper international calls and free local calls, and to offer a handful of great features we’ll describe below.

Things you can do with Google Voice

There is a long list of regular activities you can upgrade with the use of these amazing tools. Some of them include:

Make international calls at affordable rates

Unfortunately, Google Voice is only available in the United States. Phone calls made from your Google Voice number in the USA to receptors in the USA or Canada are free. However, there are some few locations within this range where call rates are $0.01 per minute (a minimum cost compared to other providers). If calling with your number outside the USA territory, specific rates are applied.

You must have credit in your account to make phone calls. Simply go to the tab Credit in the app, add one of the preset amounts ($10, 25 or 50) and proceed to place your payment.

Ringing Multiple Phones

You can set up to six different numbers phones and select which one you want to ring when someone calls your Google number. This way, you can control all your phone numbers, whether they are personal, mobile, home or office numbers.

Send text messages from a computer or mobile phone

With just some few clicks in the setting section, you’ll be able to forward your text messages to your Google account and handle them from a computer or other mobile device. You can read and answer your SMS from your email. Google Voice will convert and send your text as an SMS text to the receptor. This service is free.

Read the voice messages and search them

At first, it was hard to understand it is exactly what you’re going to do. You can either read or listen to your voicemail from any device. This is because Google Voice has the ability to transcribe your voice messages, allowing users to read and search among them for some specific word/issue as they as if they were emails. You can listen or read the voicemail while being recorded and choose to answer before the call is ended.

Make call conferences

Once you already are on a phone call with someone, you can start a conference by adding other receptors to the conversation. Just press 5 to add one person to the call. Repeat this simple process until adding all members.

Customize voicemail greetings

You can record a special voicemail greeting for every contact enlisted on your Google account. Simply select your contact and choose from your pre-recorded greetings or click on “Special greeting” to record a new one.

Block and filter calls

You can block numbers from your call registry by clicking the tab “more” followed by “block number”. This way, you’ll no longer receive calls, direct messages or notifications from this person. If they call again, a message saying your phone has been disconnected will be played.

How to start using Google Voice

Firstly, it is important for you to know that you must meet some requirements to start using this service. For instance, living in the United States is an exclusive criterion. Secondly, your computer must run Windows XP or better, Mac, or Linux operating system, and preferably, Google Chrome web browser. After that, you may proceed with the following process:

  • Use a computer to visit the Google Voice site
  • Log in your Google account. Read and accept the service terms and conditions to continue
  • Select your area code and choose from the numbers available. If there’s no number with such code, insert some other from an area nearby.
  • Follow some simple instructions. Link your phone number(s) and verify them

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