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This is why iRoam may be your best choice

by Fiorella

iRoam has been putting all efforts to become the leading provider they are today. Let’s meet their international SIM card and see why it can be your best choice when traveling

Meeting iRoam: The Company

iRoam is a leading provider of communication products and services that includes international SIM cars, roaming services, enterprise BYOD wireless connectivity and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. Therefore, the acquisition of the reputable roaming and telecommunications brands Brightroam and G3 Wireless, as well as their alliances, are just a small sample of their continuous efforts to bring the best service possible.

World’s best networks like Vodafone, Orange, AT&T, T-Mobile, O2 are some of the 340 mobile network operators around the globe partnering with iRoam to provide the best roaming services worldwide. This promise the user to save up to 90% in roaming charges comparing to your current mobile operator.

Features of the iRoam International SIM Cards

Thinking of today’s travelers, this leading provider had the idea of creating two prepaid international SIM card to suit their needs: one with calls, texts and data credit and another with for data use only. Both SIM cards share the following similarities:

  • Their price includes $10 airtime
  • They are rechargeable, you can pay as you go.
  • No contract needed to purchase your card. Forget about credit checks, activation charges or cancellation fees. This also means no surprising bills and no roaming fees.
  • Full coverage in the USA, Canada, Mexico, most European countries and India and some international destinations including Caribbean nations.
  • Valid for six months and renewable
  • Free shipping within the USA and Canada

They also share a tiny disadvantage. iRoam SIM cards come in one size only: standard, micro or nano SIM cards. So our recommendation is to buy the smallest one and use old SIM card adapters if needed in case you need to use the SIM card in a not-compatible-size device.

Find below the best features of each type of card.

iRoam Voice, Text & Data SIM card

The iRoam international SIM card is perfect for student, leisure traveler, business owner or anyone in the search of a local mobile network in any of the countries we serve and save time and money when going for a trip. Users can forget about having to change mobile numbers depending on their current location. Among its features, we can find:

  • Choose and share among the US, UK or Canadian local number available. Let family and friends in your home country call you without long-distance charges.
  • If you live in North America, once you get back from your travel you can perfectly keep and use this SIM card as your permanent, local, prepaid phone line.
  • Call rates: 12¢ in the USA and 39¢ in Europe
  • Free incoming texts globally
  • Free voicemail and caller ID
  • Price: $29.99

iRoam Data Bundle Only SIM card

This SIM card aims to provide affordable and reliable Internet access regardless of your travel destination. It can be used on any unlocked device (tablet, smartphones and hotspots). They promise to have the lowest data rates when traveling. Enjoy Europe and USA Data Bundles ranging from 100MB to 2GB for as low as 5.5¢/MB. All this for a convenient low price of $14.95

Airtime and plans

iroam data plans
  • You can easily add airtime by just clicking the bottom RECHARGE SIM found on the iRoam website. After that, simply enter your phone number, select the amount of your recharge and insert your credit card information.
  • Call, text, and data rates depend on the location you use the service from and the country you want to contact. So go to the AIRTIME RATES pages of their website to get detailed information about these charges.
  • There are several data plans to be used in the USA or European countries. Check which one fits your needs here.

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