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SIM cards you can buy on Amazon and eBay

by Fiorella
sim card amazon ebay

Buying a SIM card on Amazon or eBay is a great idea when going on a short trip. Nothing better than reporting back home as soon as you land. Avoid wasting your limited time on essentials you could have picked from home.

Prepaid SIM cards are the most convenient option for travelers and new residents. As their purchase is not based on a contract, they come with great advantages: they are easy to buy, some are paid as you go while some others are customized with your credit preferences for calls, text and MB when you buy them.

When visiting these online stores, you will mainly find two types of prepaid SIM cards: country-specific SIMs and international/world SIM cards. You can also see there are 30-days-valid SIM cards and the regular use, prepaid ones.

Your choice will depend on the length of your stay, how often you travel and your destination(s). Most importantly, you can stop using them whenever you want as you are not linked to any provider.

Buying country-specific SIM cards on Amazon and eBay

Country-specific SIM cards usually provide the best rates. It is active as soon as you arrive or activate it online. Feel free to instantly call your colleagues or accommodation. It is also important to check if your phone will work with the local operator you choose before you buy the SIM card to make a smart purchase.

For example, some of the most popular prepaid SIM cards in the US include:

  • AT&T
  • T-mobile
  • Go Smart Wireless
  • Net10
  • H2O Wireless
  • StraightTalk
  • Orange

Buying international SIM cards on Amazon and eBay

People with a home base who study abroad and want to go on a little regional adventure, an international SIM card may be the best choice. It’s also perfect for those who have to make a few quick stops for work in several countries a year. This way, you’ll be saving time and money as not having to buy a SIM card after every arrival.

We summarize some of the many options available on Amazon and eBay as well as their benefits.


SIM cards Amazon eBay

WorldTravelSIM helps you save up to 90% off carrier roaming rates.

  • Countries it works in: over 200
  • Expiration: credit will never expire
  • Call (USD per minute): 0,20-1,99
  • Text (USD per message): 0,10-0,20
  • Data (USD per MB): 0,10-0,30
  • Incoming calls and messages charges: Free-$1,99


SIM cards Amazon eBay

OneSimCard comes in four types of international SIM Cards depending on your destination, with process ranging from $9,95 to $34,95. They all include $10 credit for voice, text and data. These are:

  • Universal SIM. Coverage in over 200 countries. 130+ countries with free incoming calls.
  • Expedition SIM: Coverage in 200+ countries. 170+ countries with data services
  • Europe & More SIM: Coverage in 70 countries.
  • eSIM: Virtual second SIM card. It makes your compatible phone a dual SIM phone.


SIM cards Amazon eBay

Besides their phone options, KeepGo offers LTE SIM cards with data valid for life for phones and hotspots.

  • Countries it works in: 105 of the most traveled countries
  • Expiration: 1 year after activated
  • Call: no voice plans.
  • Data: 500MB to 10GB. Comes with 1 GB and quick data refill options. Each data refill validity is extended to a year

Three Mobile Sim Card

SIM cards Amazon eBay

Their Pay As You Go SIM card comes preloaded with 20GBP of credit. Three Mobile Sim Cards offers unlimited calls and texts to EU countries. Their rates are expressed in GBP.

  • Countries it works in: over 70
  • Expiration: 30 days (90 days for the Unlimited SIM card) after activation
  • Call rates: 3p per minute
  • Text rates: 2p per text
  • Data rates: 1p per MB

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