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Orange Holiday Europe: A great investment for travelers

by Fiorella
Orange Holiday Europe

Today, we’re talking about the Orange Holiday Europe by Orange, one of the best mobile operators in the world with several options specifically addressed to their many customers.

Orange is a French multinational telecommunications corporation offering under this name mobile, landline, internet and IPTV services since 2006. The former France Télécom currently serves 8 European nations, 18 countries from Africa and Middle-East and the Caribbean.

It is rated as the tenth-largest mobile network operator in the world and the fourth in Europe. This telecom industry giant has a very successful product among travelers. We’re talking about Orange Holiday Europe.

This international SIM card directed to people making short trips to European countries and want to stay connected as soon as they land. Get yours before departure on Amazon or another online store.

What you get when buying Orange Holiday Europe

The main features of this prepaid SIM card include:

  • A price of $49.99 that includes the SIM card and credit
  • 20 GB of high-speed 4G internet data
  • 2 hours to call any place around the globe
  • 1000 text messages to any country. Free incoming text messages.
  • Coverage in 48 destinations, including 30 countries of the EU
  • Credit valid for 14 days
  • Line valid for 1 month only extended to 6 months after online registration

Incoming calls are free only in France. Otherwise, charges are applied.

Tips for Orange Holiday Europe users

  • You receive an activated SIM card. 14 days of validity doesn’t start running since the day you install your card in your cell phone. They start after the first use only.
  • Once you land, your device will automatically connect to a local network so you can start calling, texting or using data right away.
  • Register your SIM card if you want to extend its validity. Simply go online and insert the few information requested. This way, you’ll be able to keep your SIM card activated for an unlimited time. Just recharge your credit every 6 months. A convenient option for those often traveling to Europe. Keep your current number for my next trip to Europe.
  • Dial 225 to receive your phone number and the validity time of your SIM card in a text.
  • Data tethering is available. Feel free to share your data connection between several devices.

Having problems with data connection

There could be minor inconveniencies regarding data connection when using any Orange Holiday SIM card. This is due to APN configuration. Commonly, when using an unlocked device and changing your SIM card, your old APN config may remain in your phone our your phone may not detect a new one

In this case, you must manually set APN in some few simple steps. Firstly, go to the configuration menu. Search the option regarding mobile data network. Add a new APN with the following structure:

  • Access Point Name (or APN): orange
  • User name: orange
  • Password: orange

Recharging credit and options available

This prepaid card comes with a great plan to make phone calls, send text and use data. But those high consumers or people standing longer, have the alternative to add more credit according to their needs. Just go to Topup Orange, select the code of your destination country and add your number. Click on Send top-up.

Select the recharge of preference and click Continue. After that, proceed to make your payment. That’s it! You’re ready to keep enjoying all the benefits of your Orange Holiday Europe SIM card. Find below a picture from their website with all the top-ups available.

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