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International SIM cards: OneSimCard

by Fiorella

We continue describing the main features and benefits of the most popular international SIM cards among travelers. This time we’re taking a closer look to OneSimCard.

An introduction to OneSimCard

OneSimCard is a company that offers international mobile service for smart travelers. They proudly show-off on their website some of their many recommendations made by important newspapers and magazines worldwide. International SIM cards and cellphones, phone rental and corporate SIM cards are the four types of products they offer.

OneSimCard was born as a division of Belmont Telecom, Inc. Since 1994, they intend to provide solutions to help travelers save up to 85% on roaming charges and keep in touch with their beloved ones at home when traveling. According to our destination and needs, we can currently find three types of OneSimCard chips and one virtual SIM card called eSIM.

Advantages of their physical SIM cards

Physical OneSimCard versions share the following features:

  • They come with 2 local numbers: 1 Europe number (Estonia) and the other would be USA, Canada, Australia or UK, depending on your home country. They selected the Europe number to be from Estonia as it is a very advanced nation, especially in everything related to telecommunications. To clarify, Skype is an Estonian development.
  • Working hard for better communication: OneSimCard offers additional coverage with multiple networks per country (where available).  OneSim-VoIP application is also available for their customers. This is an optional WiFi calling app with even lower rates for users with Apple and Android devices.
  • Their high speed 4G data service cost starts at 1c/MB and they offer daily, weekly and monthly packages.

Calls, texts and data Rates

Calls, texts and data rates depend on your location, the OneSimCard number you use and the location of the person you are in contact with. For instances, calls are free when received on your European number but cost 20c/min on the other local number. Incoming texts are free in every country if received on your European number. However, they cost 9 cents each received on the USA or Canada number.

You can go online and check their list of countries served and applicable rates with just one click. Additionallly, there’s other option to check your rates with accuracy, go to this link. Select your location and the country you want to call to, together with the SIM card you want to buy. After that, you will automatically see a table below with the corresponding information.

rates and coverage

Meet the three OneSimCard cards available

1. OneSimCard Universal

This is their best-seller SIM card. It has extended coverage in over 200 countries. This one offers free incoming calls on the EU number in 162 countries. Outgoing calls rates start at 25c/min.

2. OneSimCard Europe & More

If you are traveling only to Europe, this SIM card must be your selection. Coverage in 70 countries. Free incoming calls received on EU number. Outgoing calls from 25c/min.

3. OneSimCard Expedition

Expedition SIM is a data SIM card perfect to keep any device always connected (for example, iPad, tablet, phone or hotspot). Consequently, you can enjoy lower data rates with this one. With internet data coverage in 170+ countries, outstanding data packages in addition to billing increments as low as 1 kB.

OneSimCard virtual SIM: eSIM

The last but not least option offered by OneSimCard. This virtual SIM card is perfect for users with a one-SIM phone. The eSIM will become your second line, turning your device into a dual-sim phone. Add calls and texts to your eSIM with free OneSIM VoIP app.

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