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GigSky: Data SIMs for travelers

by Fiorella

GigSky has a unique proposal to help travelers stay connected: Data SIM cards and eSIMs compatible with any mobile device.

Every day, we can find a wide range of companies placing different offers on the market so customers choose them before their competitors. This time, we’re talking about an organization with a unique proposal for travelers since 2010 called GigSky.

GigSky is a company with headquarters in Palo Alto, CA trying to always offer vanguard data services for travelers. These include business and enterprise mobile data management solutions, IoT solutions, the GigSky global SIM card and app.

GigSky differs from most of the international SIM cards and solutions (with voice, text and data services) we’ve talked about in previous posts. This is because it eases mobile connectivity by offering a global data service only with SIM cards and eSIM.

Advantages of using GigSky products

  • Affordable and reliable 3G and 4G LTE coverage in over 180 countries and locations.
  • Connectivity apps to provide an unparalleled user experience while easing the billing process.
  • Proven connectivity provider with solutions already deployed on a variety of devices, from the largest mobile device manufacturers to major airlines.
  • Connection to mobile networks worldwide without Wi-Fi access by subscription (for instance, by downloading eSIM profiles).

Let’s talk about the two products designed for regular travelers: the SIM card and the eSIM.

GigSky 4G LTE/3G Data SIM Card

GigSky is a great choice for travelers to:

  • Enjoy a pay-as-you-go mobile data plan while abroad.
  • Forget about buying a local SIM card everywhere you go.
  • Stop paying for Wi-Fi .
  • Stop looking for free Wi-Fi.

This is a physical Data SIM Card available on Amazon with a simple usage premise. Firstly, remove your home SIM while abroad and insert the GigSky SIM into your unlocked mobile device. After that, download the GigSky app, create a profile and add a regional plan. Finally, end the process by making your payment in a few routine steps and start using the service.

eSIM: “Simless” GigSky platform

GigSky has designed a patented eSIM technology to provide global connectivity for a way more affordable price. It is about using the dual SIM feature of your mobile device. This way, travelers can enjoy data service and have LTE data speeds with local rates while abroad instead of paying huge roaming charges. Simply look for the GigSky app in any eSIM enabled device and download an eSim profile. Therefore, data will be available for use on your secondary line.

The company recently announced (October, 2019) the addition of Android to its list of supported mobile operating systems. Previously, they only included Apple iOS, the new iPad OS and Windows 10. So now, not only the eSIM but all services are compatible with any unlocked device.

Data plans rates and coverage

GigSky Coverage

GigSky owner’s main goal certainly is to offer prepaid data packages “without an asterisk”. They want customers to select the data they need, and the time they need it. Therefore, they can enjoy the service with no charges, no extra fees, and no contracts.

Plans are set per region, covering 180 countries across North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East/Africa. So each regional plan includes a list of countries/locations served. You can also check other options like the global plan or country plans.

Prices are defined according to your specific destination and mobile device used, going from $10 to $60. They have a duration of 1, 15 or 30 days and may offer from 50 MB of data to 30GB.

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