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Everything you need to know about WorldTravelSim

by Fiorella

We’ve mentioned how international SIM cards are the best solution for those frequently traveling to several destinations. Find here everything you need to know about one of them, the widely used WorldTravelSIM.

WorldTravelSIM is one of the products offered by Ace Telecom, a Florida based company that provides telecom solutions for the world traveler. They are one the most settled and reliable companies offering such products since 1997 and not only on their website but on many online stores like Amazon or eBay. World phones, data SIM cards and USA SIM cards complete their product catalog.

Some of the greatest features of WorldTravelSIM

International SIM cards are those programmed to work on multiple networks and in different locations around the globe. For instance, WorldTravelSIM is programmed to virtually work all over the globe. This card comes with two phone numbers for you to choose which one to give: one from the U.K. and extra from the USA.


When sold directly by the company, the SIM card can deliver to your home, office or hotel in the USA via FedEx or U.S.P.S.  Ace Telecom don’t ship to locations outside the United States. Customers take care of all shipping charges.

In case you are in a different country, the best option is using a courier service. Simply get the SIM card from Amazon or their website and send it to the address of your courier office in the USA. They will receive it for you in America and send it to their office in your country.

How to add airtime credit?

Prepaid credit is sold in $25.00 increments reaching the $250 of credit per recharge. You can buy your credit by calling the company from your cell phone or just visit the section Add Airtime Credit on their website.

There you will find the 9 options of credit vouchers available. Choose the one you prefer and click on Configure. Insert the number of your WorldTravelSIM card, click on Add to cart and proceed to checkout. After that, your credit will be immediately available.

Service life

The greatest feature of the WorldTravelSIM is probably their durability. Once you have it, you can keep it for any future trip as the card and the credit available will never expire. Truly a lifetime, good investment for frequent travelers.


  • No contract needed to buy a SIM card. No monthly fees are applied.
  • Consume your prepaid credit and recharge anytime.  
  • It comes activated. Just buy it, install it and use it. It works perfectly all over the USA and in over 200 countries.
  • Enjoy great voice, voicemail, text and 4G data services.
  • Comes in a”3-in-1″ SIM card version (Mini, Micro and Nano).
  • You can select to call forward your existing number to our U.K. or U.S. number.

WorldTravelSIM Rates

World rates for all the services offered are found in detail on their website for 166 out of the 200+ countries they serve. Rates include all roaming, taxes and long-distance charges. However, we can’t help mentioning some of the very low prices we found on their site include:

  • Voice rates start at $0.20 per min
  • Text rates start at $0.10 ea.
  • Data rate is just 10c per MB  
  • FREE incoming calls in 75 countries
  • Free incoming texts worldwide

Some other great products from the same company

  • World phones. AS international SIM cards work on unlocked phones only, Ace Telecom offers several unlocked BLU phones with prices ranging from $19.99 to $189.95.
  • Data SIM cards. If you are interested in using only VoIP apps and social media when traveling, data SIM cards are for you. With 4G speed in 70+ countries. Plans prices range from $29.95 for 2 GB for 7 days and $49.95 for 10 GB for 28 days.  
  • USA SIM cards. Intended for local use only in the USA. Comes with 30 days-valid plans from $29.95 and $49.95 plus unlimited International calls to landlines only.

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