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by Patrick

Every international traveler knows this problem: It is merely impossible to just continue using your phone normally.
Even with good network coverage around in the most populated places by now, it is always a hassle to research (and find) a good telephony solution for your time abroad (because no one wants to pay huge bills reaching up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars just because of roaming, right?).
However, it is still very difficult to figure out what you need to get voice, data, and texting back on your phone in another country for an acceptable price.
Each country is different. In some countries you need to get a local SIM, some countries even require a lengthy registration process (which sometimes necessarily requires internet access, which complicates things even further if you want to register your SIM card to have internet access).
In some countries you just need to call your cell provider and turn on international data, in some countries on the other hand just don’t have good enough service to make it reasonable to use a phone at all.
Having some good experience with international travel (and having suffered well from these issues myself beforehand), this blog is an attempt to share knowledge and provide the most recent information in a permanently changing world.